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Rate My Fantasy Team

The league details for this draft are as followed: 10 Team, standard scoring, 2 keepers from previous year in which you lose the following round in which that keeper was drafted (ex. Antonio Brown 1st round draft pick in 2016, you lose the 2nd round of 2017). I inherited the team as this was my first year with this league and was given the 7th overall selection pertaining to this year’s snake draft. The two keepers I decided to hold for this upcoming year was Antonio Brown and LeSean McCoy, given the rest of my team I thought it was a no brainer considering I have two players that potentially will finish in the top 10 for scoring. Let’s now check out my draft selections to see who would accompany both Brown and McCoy to hopefully begin a winning year in fantasy football 2017.

1.7: TY Hilton, I did not imagine him falling to me but given his ADP, his performance last year that ended with him being the leading yardage in the NFL for WR and being on a pass first team in Indy I had to take the value in Hilton here.

3.27: Dalvin Cook, I want to grab Cook in as many leagues as possible because I believe his ceiling is incredibly high given his talent and Minnesota’s initial signs to make him an every down back despite the signing of Lat Murray. Cook looked great in his first pre season game and was even used in the passing game which only bodes well for his fantasy production, although many view this as a reach for Cook there was also many running backs being drafted and I felt the need to get one of these high potential rookie RB’s.

5.47: Davante Adams, my team now had two WR’s and two RB’s and the RB talent was starting to drift away so I wanted a WR with this selection. I recognize Adams will have to have some regression from his impressive season last year but he is still paired with the league’s best passer (arguably) and will be a red zone target week in and week out. My debate was between him and Golden Tate who I somewhat regret not taking given my quarterback but Adams should suffice as a WR3 and can be a flex option in most weeks.

6.54: Greg Olsen, I was thrilled to land one of the projected top 4 TE’s for this upcoming season for I find if you do not select one of these top 4 the rest is a true guessing game in terms of production. Olsen is still going to receive the team lead in targets especially in the red zone where I think he will excel with the threat of their new rookie running back Christian MacCaffrey. I see OIsen near replicating his season last year or slight regression depending on the usage of Kelvin Benjamin.

7.67: Doug Martin, Another player I am targeting in drafts because of the upside he will bring after his suspension. Doug Martin is being seen as a beast in training camp right now and is now going to be a bell cow back on a revamped offense in which many are believing to be a high octane offense that can lead them to the playoffs. Yes this pick might have been another example of reach but I believe the upside he can bring after the suspension will make up for his missed games.

8.74: Jamison Crowder, Crowder is an intriguing option to Kirk Cousin’s offense because of the chemistry he has been building over the last two seasons. Terelle Pryor was acquired to fill the gap that was DeSean Jackson and is being forecasted to be the team’s #1 given his bigger size and red zone ability.  Let’s not forget that Crowder has been an essential part of this offense and is a near lock to get 5 catches a week, his floor is perfect for a potential WR3 option and until a running game is proven in Washington I think Crowder will excel as the slot receiver on this team who sees a lot of targets.

9.87: Tyrell Williams, the mess that is the San Diego receiving core appears to be taking a hit with rookie receiver Mike Williams potentially out for the year. This leaves a gap in which Tyrell will be closing as the team’s #2 option with Keenan Allen coming back as the #1.Tyrell filled the role while Allen was gone last year and did pretty decent considering the situation, so with Allen’s inability to stay healthy, the regression Antonio Gates should see this year and being a set and stone WR2 on a relatively pass happy offense I thought Williams was a good decision in this spot.

10.94: Kenny Britt, it does not matter the QB in Cleveland because at the end of the day someone will have to be receiving the ball on this rather horrendous team. Britt is being seen as the #2 for now behind Coleman but would not surprise me to see Britt gain that #1 role after a couple weeks. He is only 28 years old and has great hands that were rarely put in use in St Louis, I think his situation has been upgraded slightly in Cleveland and he will get to showcase his athletic abilities week to week where I forecast at least 7 targets for Britt.

11.107: Matt Forte, I went on a bit of a wide receiver first team by selecting three in a row so I needed to add depth to my RB position which will be hurting until week 4. Forte is in an awkward position, he might not be the starter in New York, is on a team that will most likely be losing for an average of 3 quarters per game and is starting to get rather old for his position. However, the Jets are known as a run first team and always like to incorporate the running backs in the receiving game. I hope to not start Forte on any given week but I am a Jets fan and Forte is still a workhorse calibre player if called upon.

12.114: Texans D, JJ Watt did not even play most of last year and they were still ranked as the best defense in the league. I view the Texans as a top 5 defense to have despite losing some pieces in the secondary just because of the sack potential week to week.

13.127: Matthew Stafford, my draft plan to wait on a QB until the later rounds worked out perfectly and I acquired one of the 3 QB’s I was looking to draft. Stafford has finished in the top 10 for fantasy QB’s three straight years, he is what the Lions surround their offense around and Jim Bob Cooter (best name in football) loves airing it out. Until a legitimate running game is established, look for Stafford to be upwards of 35+ pass attempts per game.

14.134: Duke Johnson, the clear RB2 and passing down back in Cleveland who was added to my team for depth at the position. There are also rumours swirling that Duke might have a position swap to WR which could boost his value especially if still used on websites as an RB like Tyreek Hill a year ago. Unless Crowell gets injured, Johnson will not be used unless emergency but still has some value as a receiver out of the backfield from week to week.

15.147: Will Lutz, kickers are kickers so I like to choose the ones on high scoring offenses. Lutz kicks in a dome 8 out of 16 games and until Brees leaves New Orleans, they will always be a threat to put up big points week to week.


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