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Coaster's Corner Week 1 Results

The Coaster's Corner team gave you our picks in our latest podcast and we are here now to present to you how we did! Week 1 they say is the hardest to predict because every year is different and often times teams will struggle to execute their game plan. It is fair to say Coaster's Corner can also be apart of this trend with predicting what NFL teams will do on any given Sunday but nonetheless here are our records after week 1:


So as advertised, Coaster lived up to his bold prediction that he would come out on top after week one. There are 15 weeks of redemption for both Jangus and Kenny where they hope to turn things around after a wild week 1. Stay tuned for more news, previews and predictions from the Coaster's Corner team and we wish you the best of luck for week 2.

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