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Expansion Draft: Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks:

Expansion draft will not tilt the Blackhawks into any negative direction by being able to lock up their core and maintain their young talent for the foreseeable future to continue their dynasty. The most intriguing options for Vegas I think come from Dennis Rasmussen and Trevor van Riemsdyk. Dennis is a big body centre that is only 26 who played nearly the entire season this year along with 3 playoff games but was used very little in all of his games only tallying 8 points in 68 games. He is a restricted free agent and has lots of work to do but has potential to be an everyday player in this league. Trevor van Riemsdyk was overlooked after an highly credible NCAA career and being the brother to a higher skilled forward in James on the Toronto Maple leafs. Trevor had settled into a role with the Blackhawks this year after playing the full season in 2015-2016 and is only 25 years of age with one year remaining on his rookie deal until he becomes an restricted free agent. With that being said it would be a surprise to me if Vegas took anyone but van Riemsdyk where he should come in as a potential 5th or 6th defencemen, his youth combined with experience in playoffs and highly skilled players around him during his career should provide Vegas with enough reason to draft him.

Coaster's Pick: Trevor Van Riemsdyk D