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Expansion Draft: Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers:  

Philadelphia has a relatively strong core and not much depth coming after that which gives Vegas a difficult decision. One asset Philadelphia left exposed was a starting goaltender who is capable of stepping into a starting role in the event of an injury while showing some flashes of brilliance during his career in Michael Neuvrith. It is unclear if there will be further repercussions regarding his heart problems but he bounced back after taking time off and would be a relatively cheap option on the Golden Knight’s books for the next two years at $2.5 million. Neuvirith also brings some playoff experience to a team who mostly likely will be molded as a relatively young team, the Golden Knights are nearly cornered into this decision but Neuvrith has enough experience as a starter to be a valued member on the new team.

Coaster’s Pick: Michael Neuvrith