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Trade: Jordan Eberle for Ryan Strome

Jordan Eberle of the Edmonton Oilers straight up for Ryan Strome of the New York Islanders. The first of many trades that will commence as the 2017 NHL Entry Draft is fast approaching. Overall, this trade makes sense for both sides. Eberle, the most clutch teenage Canadian hockey player of all time, has had some recent struggles. He is coming off one of his lowest goal and point totals this season – amassing only 20 goals and 51 points. Not very impressive numbers for a designated “goal scorer”. Coupled with the introduction of that new kid Connor McDavid – Edmonton has made the commitment to build around him. So far it has not been that bad of an idea… (NHL Awards last night) – Let’s just say the kid took home some well deserved hardware. Over the past three seasons Edmonton has seen some drastic change – dealing almost their entire core for players who fit better with their captain.

On the flip side – the same could be said for Ryan Strome and the Islanders. They are desperate to find that perfect match to play alongside their own star John Tavares. Not to mention that Tavares may be looking for a new home soon if that spark cannot be struck. Strome, the once upon a time 5th overall selection from 2011, has yet to find his home and really excel into the player that he could become. Edmonton made the smart move of bringing in a younger, much more affordable 20 goal man to potentially slide in beside Connor McDavid. The Lucic – McDavid – Strome line would be something special to watch.

Overall, Edmonton gets a younger, less proven goal scorer at a lower price. However; Eberle and Tavares were both apart of that unforgettable U-20 Canadian team and could rekindle the flame in Long Island. This trade may come back to bite the Oilers if Tavares and Eberle can get their game going together.

Jordan Eberle: $6 million through until 2018-2019

Ryan Strome: $2.5 million through until 2017-2018