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Season Preview: Top 10 Goalies

Let's take a look at the Top 10 Goalies for the upcoming NHL 2017-2018 season:

1. Carey Price

Highest paid goaltender of all time? Price has his work cut out for him this year. He will have to prove his worth in Montreal and keep his superstar status within the league. There is no doubt that this guy is still the best at what he does. But, with a shaky off season for the Canadiens – they look to be relying heavily on their goaltender to push them into contention for a playoff spot. Offensively they upgraded, but defensively… a regress would be a generous way to put it.


2. Braden Holtby

The caps have some question marks surrounding them after this off season. One they do not have to worry about is their goaltending. The future still looks bright and they boast some of the top forward talent in the league, but their back end took a hug hit this off season losing a few key pieces on defence. Washington will be looking to their goaltender to be able to stabilize the team and continue the search for that long awaited Stanley Cup.


3. Sergei Bobrovsky

Possibly the most interesting team for this upcoming season? The Blue Jackets are looking to make a splash this year and pave their way into the playoffs. One guy who loves winning and keeping the puck out of the net is their star goaltender – Sergei BOBrovsky. After coming off a tremendous season, playing in no doubt the most difficult division, the Jackets are looking to repeat that success lead by no other than Sergei Bobrovsky.


4. Cam Talbot

The work horse – playing in over 70 games last season… ridiculous. It will be interesting to see how many games he will play in this season. There is no doubt there may be a repeat of last season, where the Oilers made a terrific appearance in the playoffs going further than all of the skeptics. This year will be a big year for the young Oiler’s squad. Look for Talbot to be making some serious waves from the back end.


5. Pekka Rinne

The Finnish freak who defies all laws of physics. Rinne is 6’6” and plays like he is 6 feet tall. His athleticism is unmatched and his ability to make big, timely saves keeps the Preds alive in almost every game. Coming off of their most successful season in franchise history – be on the look out for Rinne to put up some impressive numbers.


6. Corey Schneider

Arguably the most valuable player to his team. Schneider quietly puts up stellar numbers year after year with the Devils. He brings his best every night and seems to enjoy playing on a weaker team that sees him get more and more shots. His save percentage and GAA numbers have been outstanding since his trade to New Jersey. The new look Devils are on pace to have a bounce back season – led by no other than Corey Schneider.


7. Devan Dubnyk

Another net minder who quietly performs and comes up huge game after game for his team. If you ever want to put money on a guy to keep you in a game – Dubnyk is your man. He is a big solid goalie whose consistency is unmatched throughout the league.


8. Tuuka Rask

Rask and all of the Bruins are looking for a come back season. There is no doubt that Rask can still compete with any goalie in the league. He is a gifted athletic goaltender who has been in the top goalie talks year after year. Look out for Rask to put up some impressive numbers this season.


9. Martin Jones

The quiet, steady brick wall of a goaltender. One of the most technically sound net minders is looking for a bit of a bounce back year. A few key pieces were lost from the Sharks organization this off season, but the Sharks will have to look to their youth and their starting goaltender – Martin Jones to step up to the plate and make this team a contender.


10. Andrei Vasilevski

New year, re tooled offense and some big pick ups on defence – the lightning are poised to make another run for the cup. Vasilevski will have full rein of the starting position and has already, in his young career, shown some flashes of greatness. Arguably the most athletic goaltender in the game right now – I would be on the look out to see this guy be all over the highlight reel.


*Notables – Marc Andre Fleury, Ben Bishop, Matt Murray