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Projected Lines: Winnipeg Jets

The jets through some cash around in free agency this summer, and hope the addition will push this young, talented team over the edge. Both of their additions have some question marks around them, so it’s certainly a gamble. But this team has too much skill to be kept out of the playoffs for very much longer.

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I hope for all hockey fans everywhere that this is the first line they ice. The jets have three young elite point producing forward talents, and if I were Paul Maurice I’d put them all together and tell them to go nuts. That leaves you with a top 30 player in the league on the 2nd line, and Blake Wheeler will put up 70 points wherever you put him. The question with the forward core comes in the bottom two lines, which is composed of a lot of skilled players who might be better suited for scoring lines. If these younger bottom 6ers can properly check this season, the jets are looking good to take that step and get back into the playoffs.

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This d core has the potential to push this team into not only a playoff contender but a championship contender. I love the big Buff more than anyone who is one of the true beasts in the league, both offensively and defensively. I see 5 other guys who could all pass for top 4 defensemen on other teams in the league. This unit should have a good season and be one of the main reasons the jets get back into the playoffs.




Steve Mason has a top 5 even strength save percentage in the NHL over the last couple years, so I believe this is a good bet for the jets. The 2 year term also makes this a low risk gamble. Not to mention Hellebyuck, who I believe will eventually be a starter in this league. The jets weren’t very good defensively last year, so his numbers are a shared blame.

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