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Dahlin Tracker 2.0: Ottawa Senators

courtesy of Getty Images

courtesy of Getty Images

The Ottawa Senators managed to gain a point since our last update by now being only being 5 points back of the last place Buffalo Sabres but, boy have things changed. 10 games ago the Ottawa Senators, Buffalo Sabres and Arizona Coyotes were poised to be the bottom 3 of the league to gain the highest percentage chance at getting the elite prospect Rasmus Dahlin. Let’s fast forward to today, the bottom 6 teams in the league are within 6 points of each other and the Arizona Coyotes have gone 6-3-1 since the Dahlin Tracker began… yes you read that right. The Sabres are currently the NHL’s worst team in terms of points and are only one point behind both the Yotes and Vancouver Canucks. The troubling fact is that the Sens did their job by losing to both the Coyotes and Sabres this past month but for some reason decided to turn it up against the likes of Tampa Bay, Vegas and Dallas… twice. Let’s now dive into how the Sens chances of getting Dahlin have dropped significantly.

The 3 Horse Race Has Turned into 6

This is how the bottom the league is now shaking up: Montreal 73GP & 64 points, Ottawa 71 GP & 63 points, Detroit & 63 points, Vancouver and Arizona 72 GP & 59 points and finally Buffalo 72 GP & 58 points. The biggest shock out of this group is the Red Wings who have gone an atrocious 0-9-1 in their last 10 games which has gave them a legitimate chance at a top 3 pick. Vancouver lost their rookie sensation in Brock Boeser for the rest of the year and their talent past Brock is quite thin. Montreal might be in full tank mode after Carey Price’s recent concussion and it is rumored that they might shut down Price for the rest of the season which leaves Niemi to be the man down the stretch with no Shea Weber and no Max Pacioretty. Thankfully for Ottawa, Jack Eichel is back so Buffalo should see a boost in victories for the remainder of the season but at this point, the motivation is not there for this team. Mark Stone is nursing an injury for the remainder of the season it appears and he has been the best forward for Ottawa’s season to this point so one would figure they will see a slip in performance as we enter the end final leg of the season. With all of this being said, let us take a look at what each team has left on their schedule to finish the last 10 or so games of the season.

chart 1.PNG



It seems as though the league knew that Arizona would need this stretch in order to finish last, they have the hardest schedule in terms of average points by their opponent and not to mention 8 of their final 10 games are on the road. The Sens have the second easiest schedule between these 6 teams which is not ideal for a team looking to get the best chances at getting the 1st overall selection. The only thing to be remotely happy about is that the struggling Detroit Red Wings have the easiest schedule but with their play of late, it appears this won’t matter.

I can honestly say 19 days ago I was thoroughly excited about the possibility of having Karlsson, Chabot and Dahlin on the Senators but now this excitement is coming to an end. It would have been hard to out lose both Buffalo and Arizona for the rest of the season but now we have to compete with depleted teams like Vancouver, Detroit and Montreal? Let’s take a deep breath and remember that not only is the season not over but that this will come down to the luck of the draw, just some teams will have a much higher chance than others. And hey, if Detroit can do it so can the Sens right? #StahlinForDahlin

I would also like to take the chance to send out our best wishes and prayers to the Karlsson family with their recent loss of the unborn child. This news is so devastating after seeing the excitement of Erik’s face when he did the gender unveil, the CoastersCorner team wishes nothing but good health and recovery for the Karlsson family.

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